Black rice is packed full of antioxidants, detoxifiers, fiber, and protein that promote healthy hair growth.  Inositol, an ingredient found in rice water, helps repair damaged hair and boosts hair growth.  Organic black rice was fermented utilizing distilled water.  After fermentation this rich nutrient water was infused with growth promoting essential oils and herbs.  This rice water will help to restore pH balance of your hair, minimize shedding, and nourish your hair for overall hair strength, shine, and reduction of split ends.  

How to use: Shake bottle of Black Rice Water well before use. Spray onto your clean and freshly washed hair and massage into the scalp.  Cover your hair with a cap for 20-45 minutes depending on hair length.  Once time is up, wash the black rice water out of hair and scalp and moisturize as desired.  We recommend using our Rice growth oil to apply on the scalp and ends or use our Keratin Hair growth oil.  Use a combination of LOC method - Liquid-Oil- Cream to maximize the retention of moisture. Please check out the array of hair growth oils, conditioners, and rejuvenating masks we have available to promote natural healthy hair growth without chemicals and additives.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Organic black rice, Marshmallow root, Organic Hibiscus flower, Organic Lavender flower, Rosehip oil, Peppermint oil, Lavender oil, Paraben-free preservative


*This product is not intended to diagnose or act as a treatment or cure for any diseases or disorders. Any statements made here are not approved by the FDA.

* It is recommended that you test all products on a small area for about 24 hours to see if any sensitivity or irritation occurs before applying. Discontinue use if you develop hives or react to any of the ingredients in the product.  Natural herbs and oils are used as ingredient and some may contain nut oils. . Consult a doctor if you become allergic or are allergic to any ingredients. We are not responsible for any misuse or reactions to the use of our products.