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Magnetic lashes that comes with a liquid black liner in a kit. Made with luxury soft Siberian mink, fluffy and lasts 20+ wear.

Make sure lashes fit to shape of eyes before applying line - if too long you can cut the lashes to match your eye shape. Shake liner well to ensure proper mixing. Slide or move the brush tip continuously along the lash line, making sure an even thick line that matches the thickness of the lash magnets is applied. Then apply magnetic liner on lash line where lashes will adhere. Push down to affix/adhere the lashes to magnetic liner.  Make sure the magnets make a connection by pressing down to affix the lash to the liner. 

To remove, simply peel off lashes from either corner. You can also use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover, or gentle baby oil.

Lashes can be reused multiple times. Make sure to clean magnets by gently cleaning off dried magnetic liner. Do not wet the magnetic lashes with water.